sylvia hornsveld (Barcelona / Amsterdam, 1997). Currently she is dedicated to visual art, in the process of experimentation and search for her own identity. Her work seeks to explore the transmutability of human relationships in their sensitive environment and in the digital paradigm. Applying hybrid research based on practical theory tries to make the discourses found in our settings more palpable.

2021 her work units and memory was exhibited at the Festa Major Alternativa de Sant Boi in the Jardins del Ateneu Santboià.

2021 she has curated the exhibition of the photographer Blanca Munt, Sòl i Sostre. 

2020 her work berlin and takayama is in the virtual exhibition of RXTX 20 (delocalized cultural space).

2019 she was a student in internship at àngels barcelona gallery.

2015   2019 UB, BA art history
2020  currently UB, BA fine arts